Go away,

O! Frittering, not-weeded, unneeded thoughts…

Peace of mind be prevailed,

Thoughtless, egoless the existence be.

Life’s nothing but ‘Mystery’,

Witness, inquisitively-curiously-obviously…

The moment Present is precious,

Past and Future, the rare realities…

Listen, the infinite music, the rhythmic harmony,

of your inner pure-transparent Soul.

Watch, the Nature in its constant flux,

Shed out, all stress-worry-anxiety,

Just be, real-natural being.

The inseparable part of ‘Nature’ in ‘You’,

be the essential source of inspiring-guiding force!

Find out, the final eternal, blissful ‘Truth’,

to grace the blessings of “Almighty”.


K.S.Dave, Associate Professor in English, Arts & Commerce College, Chanasma (N.G.)  

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