Included in the UGC-CARE list (Group B Sr. No 172)

Sahityasetu is Gujarat's first e-journal of Literature and Arts. Launched in 2011, was awarded the Ladli Media Award in the year 2012. The main purpose of Sahityasetu is to publish works of Literature and other Arts - such as painting, music, dance, drama, sculpture, architecture, film, photography, folk art, comparative study, reviews, critical and research papers. You can see in the archives that we have been very successful in doing so over the years. To date, we have published more than 950 research papers, creative works, reviews. This journal is totally free, it can be read from anywhere in the world, without paying any fee and anyone can submit.

The professors, researchers from universities have contributed greatly to our efforts. The journal has received regularly research papers from the reputed researchers of the Universities. As a result, Sahityasetu is included in the list of world class magazines [UGC CARE List] prepared by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. One can see the presence of famous writers, poets and critics of Gujarat regularly in this journal. It has been our endeavor to keep readers engaged in some regular columns – for that, we published translations of novels, now we regularly publish translation of Gujarati short stories into English. Over the time, special issues have also been published focusing on various topics — and their response doubles our enthusiasm.

Sahityasetu believes that it is our duty to be bridge between different language scholars, writers and critics by publishing creative works, reviews, research papers and articles written in English, Hindi and Sanskrit, along with Gujarati. We are glad that not only in India but readers of various countries are becoming regular visitors of the journals. Maintaining and cultivating their interests – are our priorities. Along with that it is necessary to create e-content for students, researchers, professors of literature and various arts. Hopefully this will help us all.

Your suggestions are welcome, as well as your feedback is invaluable to us - hopefully, we will receive them.

Instructions for Authors-
  1. The responsibility of the thoughts and opinions in the writings that appear in Sahityasetu is that of the author.
  2. Submission will be accepted if it is in the prescribed format.
  3. Acceptance is not reported in advance. This will be known only when the issue is published.
  4. In any case submission in hardcopy or in PDF format are nor accepted.
  5. No publication fee is charged.